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Chord presents Anni mini desktop integrated amplifier


Chord has released its first-ever ‘desktop’ amplifier. The Anni can be described as ‘mini’, fitting in with the other components in the Qutest series.

As large (or small, if you wish) as the other components in the Qutest series means that with the new Anni a very nice stack can be made. Manufacturer Chord also thought that and so a rack was released with the name QSS. Which in turn stands for Qutest Stand System.

Well, this time the spotlight is on Anni, the brand new integrated amplifier intended for use on bookshelf or desk. The device features the same error correction capabilities regardless of whether you are using headphones or a set of speakers. That error correction leads to adjustment of the gain value which should improve the sound quality.

In total, an output power of up to 10 watts is available through the Chord ULTIMA amplification circuit. Furthermore, both a 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm headphone jack are provided.

Alu housing

As almost a matter of course, the Chord Anni, like the other products of this brand, has a CNC-manufactured aluminum housing. And again, everything is entirely designed and built in the UK, should you value that. Last but not least, the distinctive and illuminated ‘acid buttons’ also do not interrupt on Anni. As a power supply, a 15 Volt external is used. Practical is the 12 Volt output that Anni itself has available; this can for example power the Qutest DAC eb Huei phono preamplifier. The newcomer from Chord is available immediately for £1195 in British Pounds.

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