HP projector CC200: portable and affordable


The new CC200 from HP is an affordable and portable projector, with a native resolution of 1080p, Full HD that is.

A portable projector comes in pretty handy now and then. Just have one with you at all times for professional use such as a quick presentation on the spot. Or in a tent or camper to watch movies on large format. And of course also in the children’s room a device like this can play a role of its own. Currently the market is flooded with cheap projectors from China. According to the screaming advertising texts, these things can handle 4K and sometimes even 8K resolution. But is that really possible for a few euros? Well no, because if you read carefully below the fat chocolate letters, the physical resolution of the LCD in the projector is often only a fraction of the electronic resolution. Sometimes even something as low as 320 x 200 pixels. In other words: that beautiful 4K signal is downsampled to 320 x 200, not great. Fortunately, truly Full HD capable projectors are also becoming more affordable. Surprisingly affordable even in the case of the new HP CC200. For this portable projector – at the time of writing only available in the US – you pay $260, and for that money buyers HP adds a free Roku Express streaming stick. Plus an equally free 84-inch projection screen.


The HP CC200 projects images in true native 1080p resolution, which means the LCD in the projector actually has this Full HD resolution. For most applications – certainly streaming for home use and the like – that’s more than enough to enjoy a movie on big screen. Furthermore you will find speakers in the CC200 for a stereo sound with a maximum power of 2 x 3 Watt. The light source is an LED with a luminosity of 200 lumens and a lifespan of 20,000 hours. So basically nothing to worry about in matter of maintenance. The compact device has dimensions of 20 x 13 x 14 cm and provides an 80 inch image size at a distance of 2.1 meters. Very nice in combination with a smartphone or tablet, for example!

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