IKEA presents a new Symfonisk lamp


IKEA and partner Sonos have announced the second generation of the Symfonisk lamp-speaker, with various options to combine.

IKEA will sell its new Symfonisk lamp “in parts”. No worries, it wont be sold as a typical IKEA-kit though! You just buy the base with lamp socket and built in speaker, followed by choosing and buying a matching shade. It means that you can put together your ‘ideal’ lamp in terms of color and appearance. There are fabric and glass shades on offer, for example. The base is available in black and white, so there is always something matchable to find.


As for the musical side of the lamp, the new version of the Symfonisk lamp supports both Apple’s AirPlay 2 and Sonos multi-room audio. New is a custom waveguide, which should provide a wider and more room-filling sound, independent of where you place the Symfonisk. Furthermore, you’ll find an E26/E27 lamp socket in the new version, which should make it easier to find a fitting lamp. The Symfonisk will be available in the US and ‘some’ (unspecified) European countries from October 12. Next year you’ll encountyer it in more IKEA stores worldwide. The price nice: the lamp base costs $140; a glass shade costs $39 and a fabric shade $29.

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