Jabra Elite 7 Pro for both voice and music


Jabra is best known for its hands-free communication devices, but it also has some pretty decent musical headsets available.

The new Jabra Elite 7 Pro is a true wireless headset allowing you to communicate hands-free. For best sound quality on the receiving end (assuming you being the source), Jabra’s MultiSensor Voice technology is available. This technology should – according to the manufacturer – provide clear and intelligible sound even in the noisiest environments. Interesting is the bone transducer, which helps picking up pure speech. While talking, the ambient noise is continuously analyzed; wind noise, for example, shouldn’t be a problem at all.


Of course ANC is provided to let you enjoy music and communication without disruptive ambient noise. Jabra paid attention to the musical qualities of the Elite 7 Pro, which means the in-ears are broadly usable for both communication and entertainment. Added bonus: the in-ears are IP57-rated, which means avoiding rain and dust isn’t necessary. The in ears offer a playing time of 9 hours when fully charged. In the case itself you’ll finda rechargeable battery too. If you fully charge this case battery before you leave, you’ll get a total off line playing time of 35 hours in total . The Jabra Elite 7 Pro costs €199.

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