M&K Sound M90 on-wall speakers

M&K Sound

Ideal: if you don’t feel up to the hacking and breaking that comes with in-wall speakers, the M&K Sound M90 on-wall speakers are made for you.

In-wall speakers can be very nice in terms of both saving space and aesthetic reasons. The disadvantage is, they require a lot of handy work. An on-wall speaker such as the new M&K Sound (where the abbreviation stands for Miller & Kreisel) M90 simply hangs on the wall. That still saves a large cabinet to be placed in the room. But you don’t have to do any acrobatics to place it! According to the manufacturer, the M90 can be used in both portrait and landscape mode, making it ideal for just about any home theater setup. They are passive speakers drivable with any regular amplifier. M&K Sound uses four low-midrange drivers per box, plus a tweeter. In terms of configuration, you can go either way. Vertically oriented as a classic stereo system, or go for a single M90 as a center speaker and part of a surround system.

Black or white

The impedance of the M&K Sound M90 is 4 Ohms and the frequency range lies between 70 Hz and 20 kHz. The average power with which you can drive the speakers is 70 Watts. Added bonus: for longer – but not permanent – periods an output of 150 Watts is allowed. Seems to us a very nice solution for anyone who wants the joys but not the burdens of a wall speaker. Available in black and white, for a unit price of €950.

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