Pangea Audio Vulcan wall mount record player

Pangea Audio

Pangea Audio has released a wall-mountable shelf on which to place a record player.

Do you want to give your record player a convenient place in a room that may be crowded? Then this handy ‘shelf’ with the name Vulcan from the American Pangea Audio will come in handy. In fact, the unit consists of a kind of wall bracket in the form of a steel U-frame. On it you will find four adjustable spikes, on which you then place an MDF board. And on top of that you put your turntable. The construction as a whole should suppress annoying vibrations, while the height-adjustable spikes provide an easy leveling adjustment.


The Pangea Audio Vulcan has shelf dimensions of 18 x 15.5 inches (it’s an American design, after all); the thickness of the shelf is 19 mm. A 1-inch gap between shelf and wall plate has been considered, so you can easily and neatly hide cables. The whole thing costs $149.95, so that’s pretty reasonable.

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