Pura Ammonite audiophile network switch


Pura Power Supplies released the Ammonite network switch, fully optimized for audio streaming applications.

Pura Power Supplies developed the Ammonite network switch from ‘an audiophile’s point of view’. This, according to them, unique switch is part of a new series of clean power products under the equally new Pura brand name, based on a proven RFI/EMI reducing design philosophy. The Ammonite Dual Stack 100Mb/s network switch features a highly accurate OCXO clock circuit that reclocks all incoming network streams. This – we read – in turn prevents something as annoying as jitter. The switch is equipped with an in-house developed ultra-high PSRR dual linear power supply that feeds the electronic circuits and the clock circuit separately from each other. In addition to the high-quality power supply technology, this switch also features galvanic decoupling and interference suppression technology to the outgoing network ports with which – according to Pura – adverse effects of EMI and RFI in the chain are eliminated.

Quality over quantity

The manufacturer adopted a clear design philosophy: ‘Whereas many modern network switches promise quantitative transfer qualities such as maximum speed and the highest possible bandwidth, Pura has focused on the quality of the streams. Thanks to the unique Dual Stack construction method, precision clock and self-developed suppression technology, a 50% to 80% reduction in noise and distortion is achieved. Critical music lovers will experience a noticeably better performance of image and sound with the Pura Ammonite network switch.

About Pura Power Supplies

Pura Power Supplies is a new Dutch brand name created from the collaboration of Miquel Blauw of Dion Audio and Koen Gelderman of Purecable; two well-known names in the Dutch Hi-Fi world. ‘We use only the highest quality materials, custom fabricated electro-technical components and mil-spec/medical-grade semiconductors. All Pura clean power products are manufactured in-house, so music lovers will always experience the best possible performance,’ says the manufacturer.

Pura Power Supplies products, along with those from Purecable and Dion Audio, are on display in Room 19 of the impending Dutch Audio Event this weekend

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