Titan Power Releases Eros Mains Powerblock

Titan Power

Northern Ireland’s Titan Power has released a high-end power strip that promises to deliver every bit of available power to the connected loads.

The new Titan Power Eros Mains Powerblock has no filters on board. As such, it’s a classic ‘power block’, but one that pays full attention to channeling the available power from source to the connected loads as best as possible.

According to the manufacturer, this is where regular power blocks fail: the available power  unfortunately only reaches the loads partially. One of the culprits is supposed to be the controversial conductive strip that you’ll find in all such boxes, a far from optimal solution. Titan Power says it chose a different approach by wiring the Eros Mains Powerblock internally with the same OCC Single Crystal Copper cabling as used in their power cables.

Sound-Dampening Coating

According to Titan Power, the actual sockets are made of high grade materials, while also a thorough internal grounding is implemented. A practical external ground connection is available too. The whole device is housed in a sturdy case of high grade aluminum. Internally, the entire chassis is coated with a material that – according to Titan Power – has been extensively tested for sound dampening properties. Added to that, the newly designed feet are optimized to keep out unwanted vibrations.

The Eros Mains Powerblock has a price tag worth £750.

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