Atlas presents Hyper AES/EBU cable


Scottish company Atlas Cables has released its new digital Hyper AES/EBU cable in a relatively affordable midrange segment.

The nice thing about the new Atlas Hyper AES/EBU cable is, that its makers have reused a lot from their high-end Mavros. So ultimately you’ll find quite a few ‘high-end’ things in this mid-range cable, which is always nice. The Hyper is a 110 Ohm cable, which can transport a balanced version of the standard S/PDIF audio signal. This 110 Ohm impedance is important to avoid cable reflections, and thus prevent nasties like jitter. Atlas has used a balanced pair of silver-coated OFC copper as conductors. A shield of also oxygen-free copper and a film of aluminum mylar should keep disturbances at bay. For enthusiasts, vibration reduction is implemented too, in the form of a cotton filler. Prices start at £185 for half a meter.

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