Audiokultura Iskra 1 phono-preamp


Polish manufacturer Audiokultura presents an affordable (always nice!) phono preamplifier in the form of the new Iskra 1.

The Audiokultura Iskra 1 (where Iskra translates as “spark” by the way), is targeted at vinyl enthusiasts. Especially towards those looking for a decent quality phono preamplifier, but preferring to not pay the grand price. The Iskra is yours for €475, so that’s certainly a reasonable price tag. The device can handle both MM and MC elements. On the bottom of the Iskra 1 you will find a battery of dipswitches that allow you to set gain plus input impedance and capacitance as desired and needed.

Passive RIAA Correction Filter

Internally, the Audiokultura Iskra 1 is built as a dual mono circuit, and uses a passive RIAA correction filter. It’s built in a sturdy case made of steel. Power is being served by an external power adapter. In matter of colors, you can choose from silver, black and ‘Daphne Blue’.

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