Audite Acoustics presents Brij isolation platform

Audite Acoustics

UK-based Audite Acoustics has released the Brij isolation platform, which aims to prevent unwanted vibration, interference and other related troubles.

Admittedly, in the Dutch meaning ‘Brij’ may not immediately sound like a high-end tool. But then again, the British can’t know about this joyful fact! Anyway, Audite Acoustics’ Brij is an insulation platform made of sustainable wood and it’s completely recyclable. The philosophy behind the platform is simple: keep the contact surface area as minimal as possible. By doing so, it’s possible to keep out as much acoustic troublemakers as possible, in the shape of unwanted vibrations, noise and more. The Brij uses ISOL-X technology as developed by Audite Acoustics.

Minimal contact surface

The Brij consists of a solid wooden base, resting on feet made of Sorbothane. This creates an air gap at the bottom. Then there is the ‘floating’ wooden plate. The suspension of it is only 0.5 mm in diameter. That means the total physical connection has a total amount of surface area in the size of only about 4 x 0.5 mm = 2 mm. Moreover, the ‘floating’ platform can also move laterally, with a clearance of about 8 mm in each direction. The Audite Acoustics Brij is hand-finished and comes together with the aforementioned feet. These can be attached anywhere under the base plate, so the whole thing will fit into any rack or other stand. You are expected to pay £495 for the Brij.

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