Creative Soundblaster, quite interesting


Creative is a name mostly known in the PC world. It made the once illustrious SoundBlaster sound cards.

Although the heydays of “the PC sound card” for mainstream users are long gone, there is still a market for it. Gamers and professionals swear by a separate sound card. For most users, it doesn’t really matter anymore though: the sound chips integrated on modern motherboards are often surprisingly good. And if you want better sound, then there is plenty to chose from in matter of external DAC’s: no screwdriver required. And that brings us back to the current Creative. Yes, they still make sound cards, mainly aimed at gaming and more serious applications. But they also make interestingly priced USB DACs, for portable or desktop-use.

In-ears, usb-DAC

Above that, Creative makes all kinds of ‘ear wear’ nowadays. Think of in-ears, including true wireless ones and headsets. Particularly striking is, that most of their gear is priced pretty competitively. And yes, one can assume some form of quality from a manufacturer that has decades of experience with digital audio. Why suddenly this subject? The honest answer: just an email from a mailing list of Creative, once long ago subscribed to. A look at it (see screenshot above) explains this post. Just for reminding you, might just come in handy one day sooner or later.

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