Furutech LineFlux NCF RCA-cable


Furutech has released the new LineFlux NCF RCA cable, featuring new CF-102 connectors.

The new Furutech LineFlux NCF cable not only features the new CF-102 connectors, but also consists of an improved cable design. The cable is part of the brand’s analog signal cables that use NCF (Nano Crystal^2 Formula). According to Furutech, this technique should generate negative ions that counteract static electricity. Furthermore, thermal energy should be converted to deep infrared. As a cherry on the pie, some nano-ceramic particles as well as carbon powder were added. These should provide an additional piezoelectric effect that guarantees damping, according to the manufacturer.

OCC copper

The new Furutech LineFlux NCF RCA interconnect also features, among other things, OCC copper conductors. Which, according to the proprietary principle, are also provided with an ‘Alpha treatment’. As you might suspect after these lofty specifications, the price of the cable is not exactly at budget level. You will have to pay a sum of £1750 per meter for it. But then again, that’s per pair, thankfully.

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