Grado presents reference series of headphones


Grado’s new Reference Series headphones are made from a number of unusual materials, including hemp wood and even more exotic stuff.

A total of three kinds of wood are used for the headphones in Grado’s new Reference series: maple, cocobolo and hemp. Cocobolo applies is a tropical hardwood from Central America, in case you didn’t know. The RS1x and RS2x feature the fourth generation of drivers (“X Drivers”), counting from gen. 1 which appeared back in 1991. The drivers are specifically tuned for the wooden cans and should realise an optimal listening experience. The top model is the RS1x (shown above), containing 50mm drivers. If the of $750 sounds like a bit too much for you, then there is the RS2x which uses a 44mm driver. The price of these is also a bit ‘smaller’: $550.

Tougher cables

Grado is known for its open headphones, and the newly released duo is also set up according to this concept. It means that they are slightly less suitable for listening in rooms where others are present, something to take into account. Furthermore, both headphones have been given a sturdier cable, equipped with 8 conductors. The leather headband with white stitching should ensure excellent comfort.

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