IsoTek V5 Titan power filter


Internally, the new IsoTek V5 Titan consists of three independently operating mains filters in one housing; sort of like a vacuum cleaner for dirty stuff.

IsoTek’s triple mains filter V5 Titan (at the time of writing only showed at the manufacturer’ s Facebook page and not yet on its regular website) should deliver a very clean mains voltage at the output. Internally, the manufacturer has taken care to bring the DC resistance as close as possible to the ideal value of 0 Ohm. Furthermore, the V5 Titan has 16A thermomagnetic fuses. According to IsoTek, the contact surface of those is at least a thousand times larger than a standard fuse has to offer.

Protection against voltage spikes

The IsoTek V5 Titan also protects against voltage spikes and the like. Available from the end of this month, for a price of €4799.

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