Keces IQRP-3600 high power line filter


A mains filter comes in very handy to provide your hi-fi equipment with clean power; Keces provides good starting point with the IQRP-3600.

The new Keces mains filter IQRP-3600 is a tough guy. Via one winding of its internal transformer, you tap into a power up to 3000VA. Via two separate additional windings, you tap into another 2 x 300VA. The 3000VA total amount of power brings the possibility of connecting up to four large consumers. All windings are isolated from each other to ensure optimum filtering per output range.


As a basis for the IQRP-3600, Keces uses a toroidal transformer specially manufactured for this filter. It’s placed in a metal housing to prevent noise. Analog and digital circuits are seperately built. Above that, the housing of the Keces IQRP-3600 is made of 4mm thick aluminum. As a result, according to the manufacturer, the internal electronics are fully EMI and RMI shielded.

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