Knosti Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic record cleaner


Vinyl fans know that records in essence are dust magnets. Which means a record cleaner like this one from Knosti is needed for “clean” listening.

Dust particles irrevocably cause ticks and other audible disturbances when it comes to listening to vinyl. In part, this is the charm of the medium but it should not get over the top of course. That’s why a good washing once in a while can significantly increase your listening pleasure. The new Knosti Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic does a thorough job in this respect. The basis is formed by an ultrasonic cleaning system. Added to that the good old brush – armed with goat hair – is used. The manufacturer says that four decades of experience with record cleaning has been unified in the Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic.


The Knosti record washer is both developed and manufactured in Germany. Don’t expect it to be an el cheapo solution, with a price tag of €1249. But if you own a large collection of records and prefer to listen to them as noise free as possible, you’ll of course love a device like this for a very long time to come.

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