Linn refreshes Klimax LP12


The new Linn Klimax LP12 has been given a substantial refresh. It consists of a new cartridge, a new motor and a new power supply.

The new Linn Klimax LP12 debuted at the Dutch Audio Event in Eindhoven, which took place last weekend. The LP12 offers several updates. First of all there is the new element, according to the manufacturer ‘the best so far’. A honeycomb pattern in its housing reduced weight to around only 7 grams. The cantilever is made of sapphire, which in turn should guarantee less losses regarding the transfer between needle and coil in the MC cartridge.

Upgrading ‘old’ Linn

Motor and motor control have been upgraded too. According to Linn, it is now possible to deliver a 33 1/3 revolutions per minute more accurately than any other turntable. An FPGA-based speed controller is used to achieve this, plus a self-calibrating motor system. Furthermore, the power supply has received an overhaul. Shorter connections, quieter supply rails, better reference voltage, smaller components. The new Linn Klimax LP12 is available right away and costs £21,795. If you happen to have an ‘old’ LP12 on hand, it can be upgraded with Radikal and Ekstatik for a cost of £1750 and £5500 respectively.

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