Live Test power conditioners – Sunday, 28-11-2021 – 10:30

It’s that time again! Sunday, November 28, 2021 at 10:30 CET we are going live to listen to four beautiful power conditioners. Together with you! In other words: tune in and go and listen with us. If you dare of course…

We are conducting this test from our own Alpha Audio listening room, which we completely renovated over the summer. The sample set-up has also been tweaked and improved. In short: we think we can offer you an excellent experience… if all works out as planned.

The candidates

We have four beautiful power conditioners that are designed to also work nicely together with power amplifiers. We have the Isotek Titan V5, the Isol-8 HC, PliXir BAC3000 and the YETI conditioner. This is really a battle of the titans (well… pun intended?).

We are of course using our reference system with the Pass Labs XP-12, Bryston 4B SST3, Focal Sopra, the Alpha Audio PC and the Metrum Acoustics Pavane (DAC3). Or maybe the Grimm UC1…

Live Test power conditioners

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