Mercedes taking a ride with Burmester in Maybach


Mercedes joined forces with Burmester, resulting in an extensive Dolby Atmos system in their Maybach top-of-the-bill models.

Scouting for a new Maybach? Then you may also be looking for better sound on the go. Starting next summer, you can score both at once. Mercedes will offer a complete (though optional) Dolby Atmos system with its top models under the Maybach name. Supplied by Burmester, it concists of 31 speakers and 8 sound transducers in total. It should deliver high-end 4D and 3D sound while driving, according to the manufacturer. The total power delivered by all amplifiers together is up to 1750 watts in total.

Mercedes S-Class too

There is also good news if you still prefer to go for a more modest Mercedes S-Class. Shortly after the launch of Maybach-Atmos, the system should also be available for that type. At the time of writing the price of the optional ‘leckerbischen’ as they say in Germany is unknown. But we assume the true enthusiast has no problem with an extra here or there. For sure, the Burmester system adds another – literal – dimension to the driving experience. Incidentally, the audio brand is already present in other models of Mercedes, but in a slightly more modest form.

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