Meridian DSP8000 XE active speaker


Meridian released its new series of ‘Digital Active Loudspeakers’, with the flagship being the DSP8000 XE.

Six years ago Meridian started its ‘Extreme Engineering Program’ and the first tangible product to come out of it, is the brand new DSP8000 XE active loudspeaker. A key component to this speaker is the also new PST, which stands for Precision Sonic Transport. This, according to the manufacturer, ensures that every aspect of audio signal through the speaker maintains maximum sound quality. One of the components deployed in the DSP8000 XE is – as the model number might suggest – a DSP. In fact, even Meridian’s most powerful DSP is deployed: the Atlas Software Core. Then there is the ‘R1 Electronics Platform’, which is the actual hardware infrastucture on which the active part is based.

Simple Configuration

Under the hood of the new Meridian you will find all kinds of new techniques. Including a ‘Command Board processing center’. And Sync-Link, which is intended to transport the reclocked digital audio signal via shielded RJ45 cables from Command Board directly to the DACs and amplifiers. In terms of drivers, you’ll find six already redesigned long-throw bass drivers as well. Configured as ‘force balanced’ which should lead to maximum bass reproduction. Then there is the Evo midrange driver plus an Ultrasonic high-frequency driver. The enclosure got attention too. Configuring the speakers is arranged via the (also new) Meridian B-Link Bluetooth device, or go for infrared, USB or RS232. Using a controller from the manufacturer is yet another option. Furthermore, an optional module (IA21) is available, which allows you to drive the speakers via an analog preamplifier or sound processor from other brands. The DSP 8000 XE has a price tag of $125,000 US dollars. Without a doubt, something for the more affluent audiophiles.

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