Mojo releases new Mystique X DAC


The American manufacturer Mojo presents their brand new Mystique X DAC, based on NOS AD1862 ladder DACs. No output transformers or coupling capacitors are used.

The AD1862 is a DAC chip that is already thirty years old. But one that is still beloved. And this time it takes the center stage in the new Mojo Mystique X DAC. The manufacturer scored a pile of NOS (New Old Stock, or old stock of never used copies) of the AD1862. Equally ‘old fashioned’ is the LC input filter in the power supplies, based on a design from 100 years ago. The specs of the Mojo Mystique X are modern though!. Think a maximum playback quality of 24 bit / 192 kHz. You can make use of the available USB, S/PDIF and balanced AES inputs. Furthermore, the device is constructed as an ‘ultra high performance’ Stacatto class A system, via discrete opamps. Output transformers and coupling capacitors are absent.

Accurate internal design

Internally, separate circuits are provided for the left and right channels, while you will also find no less than five independent power supply circuits in the design. All built with Mundorf M-Lytic AG+ four-pole capacitors. In the analog signal path, only nickel-chrome resistors with a tolerance of 0.1% are used. The AC input filter is designed according to medical standards. The Mojo Mystique X DAC will be available from mid-January next year, starting at $7,777. At the time of writing disounted even, as seen in the screenshot above, by the way.

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