Mutec offers upgrade for REF10


If you own a Mutec REF10 clock generator, you can now upgrade it to the even more accurate REF10 SE120.

First of all: the Mutec REF10 is an already very accurate reference clock for audiophile applications. But if you want just this well-known bit more (as is not unusual in studio settings), then there is the Mutec REF10 SE120 (pictured above), where SE stands for Special Edition. This one is indeed intended for use in studios and the like. Equipped with a hand-selected oscillator, it delivers the ultimate accurate clock signal, according to Copland. A nice detail is that the regular REF10 is internally built the same as the REF10 SE120. The only difference is its oscillator.

Upgrading, with or without a new front plate

This similarity means that Mutec can now offer an upgrade from standard REF10 to the SE120 version. This involves replacing the oscillator with one of those even more accurate hand-selected ones, and completely recalibrating the unit. In the end you just get a real SE120 in your hands. For the purists it is possible to have the front panel replaced as well, so there is no optical difference either. For the upgrade without changing the front panel Mutec charges €1999. For both the upgrade and a new front panel (which actually gets you a completely new case) the price tag is €2299.

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