New version of Winamp announced


The makers of the time-honored Winamp let it be known that a new version of this “primal MP3 player” is on the way.

For Windows users, the legendary music (and later, more general media) player Winamp was released in 1997, 25 years ago coming year. The simple and originally lightweight player could at least handle the then emerging mp3 file format. You know: those were the days when downloading was becoming the norm, triggering record companies into panic mode. One of the features that made Winamp attractive was the ability to add extra functionality via add-ons, something that has remained throughout the software’s existence. With the rise of streaming media and many other media players, Winamp became a smaller player. The creators eventually sold the software to AOL.

New version

Things became quiet around the program for a long time. Attempts to release Winamp for smartphones and other operating systems were short-lived. Yet the software still exists. Apparently, the current makers still see a future for the player. Quite unexpectedly, a new version has suddenly been announced. This news can be found on the website of the software. It is supposed to be a totally newly developed program, apparently more focused on streaming and podcasts. Whether it’ll become a new top hit once again we dare to doubt. But it might be fun for more nostalgic and older computer users.

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