Panasonic stops manufacturing its own televisions


Panasonic stops manufacturing its own televisions and scales down their factory in Pilsen, Czech Republic, which dates back to 1996.

On What Hifi we read that Panasonic is going to stop producing its own televisions. The name of the new replacement producer is Chinese TCL Electronics. However, Panasonic will continue to design and release TVs in the coming year, for now it is only the production that will be moved. The European factory in Pilsen will be converted to a smaller scale unit that will only make things like Blu-ray players.


Earlier this year, Panasonic stopped manufacturing cheaper models of their tv’s in Vietnam and India. According to the manufacturer, it is only the final manufacturing that is outsourced. One can ask though, whether it is really wise for any manufacturer to be completely dependent on a Chinese manufacturer. Especially nowadays with political tensions on the rise, and a still hard hitting Covid pandemic. This rather often leads to troubles and disturbances, as we have experienced a bit too much already this year. Time will, as always, tell!

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