Perpetuum Ebner presents 7070 turntable

Perpetuum Ebner

Germany’s Perpetuum Ebner presents the 7070 turntable, equipped with direct drive, and other features.

Perpetuum Ebner is a German manufacturer and part of WE Audio Systems KG. The new 7070 turntable is a subchassis model with accurate direct drive. It also features a completely redesigned 9-inch tone arm, made of (partly) carbon fiber. At the end (or beginning,so you wish) of it you will find a factory-mounted MC cartridge: the HSD 006 from EMT. The sturdy chassis made of 50mm thick MDF is characteristically for Perpetuum Ebner built in two parts. Three spring-loaded conical screw feet carry the assembly. On top you will find a heavy 24 mm thick turntable.

Choose from various colors and materials

To dampen further vibrations as much as possible, the turntable, like the solid steel base plate, is coated with bitumen. Choose from XLR and cinch to connect the turntable to the rest of your installation. The price of it all is €8900. At the time of writing, the player is not yet listed on the manufacturer’s website. Available in cherry wood, black oak, walnut and high gloss black.

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