PSI Audio releases new A17-M

PSI Audio

PSI Audio presents the new and, according to the manufacturer reference model, A17-M nearfield monitor, equipped with a handmade tweeter and other goodies.

Musicians and anyone else working professionally in sound processing swear by a sound that is as true to nature as possible. That’s precisely where a monitor like the new A17-M from PSI Audio comes in very handy. It’s an active type, equipped with a built-in class AB amplifier. Without DSP though, it is all analog internally. A new entirely hand-made tweeter provides, according to PSI Audio, better SPL capacities and lower distortion. This in turn should ensure the highest possible natural sound reproduction. The speakers themselves are also ‘handmade in Switzerland’, with each speaker being individually calibrated in a dedicated measurement room.

For whom?

According to PSI, the A17-M creates a perfect stereo image, which should provide a lively spatial listening experience that’ll mercilessly expose any flaw in the source. This type of speaker is intended primarily for professional use. Think of mixing, recording and production and use in radio studios, for example. The PSI Audio A17-M is also suitable for home users. But only those who have no objection to very detailed ‘hard’ correct reproduction will appreciate its true values. And despite the fact we’re talking about monitors for pro-use, one can still choose from three colors. Go for either studio red, metallic black or pure white.

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