Teufel presents REAL BLUE TWS in-ear


Teufel presents the REAL BLUE TWS, the smallest in-ears in its series. According to the manufacturer, they combine wireless freedom with powerful sound, active noise cancellation and smart touch control.

The Teufel REAL BLUE TWS are, according to the manufacturer “always available, fit comfortably and deliver as much as eight hours of top-quality sound on a full charge. The wireless in ear headphones can exclude all ambient noise with powerful active noise cancellation (ANC). The reverse is possible too: with the same function, listeners can make the outside world optimally audible. In terms of sound, design and functionality, these smallest headphones from Teufel demonstrate great class’.

An all-rounder, always within reach

According to Teufel, the compact charging case of the REAL BLUE TWS fits in any pocket, protects both earbuds and powers them. The REAL BLUE TWS’ batteries can be fully charged up to two times with the case. That’s enough for 25 hours off-grid worth of music, podcasts, videos, games and phone calls. The Qualcomm cVc technology should ensure crystal clear call quality.

Powerful volume and comfortable fit

“The for this type of small in-ear headphones large 12 millimeter drivers reproduce high notes perfectly and produce a deep, precise bass sound. Only when the silicone adapters seal the ear canal perfectly, the volume of the REAL BLUE TWS reaches full power. To make this possible even with narrow ear canals, XS size ear tips are also included in addition to eartips in standard sizes S, M and L. With the use of the appropriate adapters, the REAL BLUE TWS fits as tightly as comfortably in the ear, so you’ll forget you’re wearing them in no time,” says Teufel.

Hybrid active noise cancellation

Sometimes you want the outside world to disappear completely to concentrate on music or silence. The REAL BLUE TWS is able to effectively remove ambient noise thanks to powerful active noise cancellation (ANC). As with any ANC technology, REAL BLUE TWS use microphones deployed on the outside to capture ambient noise. To provide even more precise noise cancellation, the sound from outside is matched with the values from a second microphone inside the headphones. Teufel says that in this way errors are reduced, resulting in a particularly low-noise and even more effective noise cancellation.

Stay alert with transparency mode

‘No matter how heavenly peace and quiet can be, sometimes it’s necessary to hear what’s going on around you. That’s where Transparency Mode comes in by using ANC technology in a different way. Instead of eliminating ambient noise with counter-noise, it amplifies it. This makes it seem as if there are no earplugs blocking the ear canal. ‘The transparency mode lends itself perfectly to continuing to hear announcements in train stations or airports without the need to take the earplugs out of your ears,’ Teufel informs us.

Complete control

The exterior of both headphones responds to touch. This makes it possible to control the music playback integrally, including the volume. So users have no need to reach for their smartphone. By pressing your finger on the left cap for a few moments, you can turn the ANC function and transparency mode on and off. Doing the same on the right headphones allows you to call up your smartphone’s voice assistant.

Teufel REAL BLUE TWS facts at a glance

  • wireless in ear headphones with digital hybrid Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) for efficient noise reduction – transparency mode for improved perception of ambient noise
  • Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC for streaming music in CD quality via Spotify, Amazon, Music, YouTube and Apple Music, among others
  • lip-synchronous transmission of video dialogs
  • heavy-duty linear HD drivers with large 12 mm diaphragms for extra-wide frequency response, accurate highs, warm mids and powerful kick bass
  • a runtime of more than 8 hours after a full charge without ANC and more than 6 hours with ANC
  • the headphones can be fully charged up to two times in succession in the charging case for a total run time of over 25 hours without ANC and 18 hours with ANC
  • smart touch controls for music, ANC, transparency mode, taking and ending phone calls, – calling a voice assistant and adjusting volume
  • splash water protection to IPX3 level, resistant to rain and dust
  • hands-free telephoning, skyping and facetime with Qualcomm cVc technology, voice control via Google/Siri with optimized speech intelligibility
  • battery status display in iOS and Android and on the charging case
  • earbuds made of anti-bacterial silicone in four sizes (XS, S, M and L) for a good and comfortable grip

Price, availability and scope of delivery

The REAL BLUE TWS are available immediately from Teufel’ s online store (with free shipping) at a price of 149.99 euros. A charging cable (USB-A to USB-C) and four pairs of silicone adapters are included with the in-ear headphones.

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