Apple TV+ ready for Panasonic televisies


In case you own a Panasonic 4K TV, it’s time to really start enjoying its screen resolution, for example now via Apple TV +.

Panasonic brings Apple TV+ to a range of televisions in its lineup. Basically, in Europe, these are devices released from 2017 onwards. Only requirement is that they are based on the My Home Screen operating system. Which luckily means a large stack of types is compatible, including TVs whose type number starts with the letters EZ, EX, FZ, GZ, GX, HZ, HX, JZ and JX. On these TVs, the Apple TV+ app appears in the application view or – sometimes – on the home screen.

Streaming, renting and (or) buying

The nice thing about Apple TV+ is that you can watch various high-quality Apple productions via streaming, for a modest fee of a few Euros per month. Furthermore, the app can act as a hub to other streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, for example. The result is that you can handle all your streaming needs conveniently via one single app. Finally, Apple also offers an extensive video library from where you can rent or buy 4K movies; again, all arrangeable via the Apple TV+ app. In short: this streamer comes in rather handy, especially if you already use more devices from Apple. In that case, combining various services – storage, Music, TV+ and Arcade – is possible at an attractive subscription price.

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