BOSE SoundLink Flex Bluetooth-speaker


Bose has added a new member to its SoundLink Bluetooth speaker family: the SoundLink Flex, perfect for on the go.

Bose said: ‘The Flex delivers the best audio performance for a portable speaker this size in an all-new, easy-to-carry, rugged design. The speaker is packed with proprietary Bose technologies for deep, clear sound powerful enough to fill the entire living room with sound and loud enough for any outdoor activity’. The patented Bose PositionlQ technology comes in handy too. It automatically detects the speaker’s position and adjusts the sound accordingly. So whether the speaker is standing upright, hanging or lying flat on its back, sound reproduction will be optimal in any situation. The water and dustproof IP67 rating, combined with 12 hours of battery life on a full charge make this an easy-to-carry, rugged speaker. Nice detail: the speaker floats, so it’s not a disaster if it accidentally falls into the water.

Custom transducer

According to Bose, the Flex ‘uses every fraction of its enclosure to deliver optimal audio performance. A custom-built, oversized transducer maximizes sound clarity, so you can hear every instrument and voice and feel the bass in your chest’. The speaker is also equipped with dual opposing passive radiators, which adds to the compact speaker’s powerful audio output. Bose digital signal processing (DSP) technology minimizes distortion, so you’ll get to hear a natural, full-bodied sound. The Bose SoundLink Flex will be available from December 16, 2021 for €169.95, and can be pre-ordered right now on the manufacturer’s website. Available in the colors Black, White Smoke and Stone Blue.

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