Cayin RU6 USB-DAC with ladder-converter


Cayin has released the new RU6 USB-DAC, using techniques that we normally mainly see in its ‘larger’ peers.

The Cayin RU6 is a wonderfully portable, nice looking and lightweight (28 grams) USB-DAC. It also functions as a headphone amplifier, which means you’re all set for the road with one grab. A 1-inch OLED display shows relevant information while listening. What makes the RU6 really special is the discrete ladder DAC it uses, developed in-house by Cayin. With it, a PCM resolution of up to and including 24 bit / 384 kHz is achievable. DSD up to and including DSD256 is supported too. You can choose between an oversampling and non-oversampling mode. In the first case, according to the manufacturer, the detail reproduction is improved, in the second case you should experience a more natural and coherent sound.

A-symmetrical or symmetrical

Cayin has chosen the now rapidly standardizing USB-C connector, so most devices – including many smartphones and laptops – will be easy going partners. If you own an Apple device with Lightning connector, an optional adapter cable is available. In terms of headphone connection, both 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm (symmetrical) minijack are available for. The RU6, which is housed in a sturdy aluminum case, is available immediately at a price of €329.

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