Chord Company Epic Power Cable

Chord Company

An audiophile power cable like the Chord Company Epic Power Cable is one of those components that allows you to fine-tune a hi-fi set.

The new Chord Company Epic Power Cable uses the proprietary ARAY system. It mechanically tunes the cable, the manufacturer explains. Nicely, you also get a lifetime warranty on the power cord. The cable is manufactured by hand. This is done in Wiltshire, which is situated right next to the famous Stonehenge (you know, the circle of stones). As conductors, pure copper was chosen, including the aforementioned ARAY. Inside and outside PVC is used as insulation.

On demand

Chord Company has also provided the new power cable with a double-layer combination of braid and foil. This should combat HF radiation. Choose from lengths of 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 meters cable length. Should you want a different length or other than standard plugs: all can be arranged on request. The 1 meter version costs £500, each additional meter £250.

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