Chromecast with Google TV gets update


The Chromecast with Google TV is getting a much-needed update, after months of waiting for bug fixes for Dolby Vision, among other things.

Although the Chromecast with Google TV does still run on Android 10, an update for the OS inside the dongle has appeared finally after six months. It was much needed, because the device is plagued by problems with playback of Dolby Vision content. Possibly these problems will be a lot less after the update. Further good news for every owner of the device: after the update you get a few hundred MB extra storage space available. Great, because with only 8 GB of storage, every Megabyte is one.


Installing the update for the Chromecast with Google TV requires 158 MB of free storage. It means you may have to delete an app or data first before the update can be implemented. Apart from the aforementioned Dolby Vision patches, there are also improvements for HDR10, while the decoding of DRM-protected content should be faster now too. If you own Chromcast with Google TV, then it is important to install the update as soon as possible. It will create a much smoother running device, so it looks like!

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