Lake People celebrates its 35th anniversary

Lake People

The German Lake People exists for already 35 years, a company that you can actually consider as a true jack-of-all-trades in the hi-fi field.

Lake People is based in Gauting, Germany. It is where the manufacturing takes place too, which involves the use of many German supplied parts. The company is known for the Niimbus headphone amplifier, but nowadays there are also DACs, cables and much more to be found in their assortment. Furthermore, Lake People now has the brand Violectric under its wings. Eventually the company grew from a modest start in a home to a brand of name and fame. In those early days it was mainly studio equipment that was produced. Think limiters, noise gates and headphone amplifiers.


One of the more interesting aspects of the equipment that comes out of the Lake People factory is that they are very service friendly. That, in turn, has everything to do with the very structural design of the circuits, which makes it easy to detect any problem quickly and effectively.

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