LG releases battery TV on wheeled stand


LG is bringing the concept of “mobile” to the home. In the form of a television placed on a stand fitted with wheels.

According to LG, the new StanbyME (without a d, by the way) is made for modern life. It is a battery-operated TV mounted on a stand. The stand has wheels so that you can move the whole thing around the house. No, it is not an automatic self-propelled unit that follows you around fully automatically. You still have to move the thing yourself, like those devices in hospitals. But it does give you the option to catch a movie while working out and – if your mini-marathon is finished earlier than planned – to continue watching it in the kitchen.

Three hours of playtime

A fully charged battery provides three hours of playtime. Not an extremely long time, but more than enough for the average feature film. Furthermore, the screen is touch-sensitive, so operation should be easy. We assume that there is an underlying ‘smart’ operating system, on which, for example, streaming services such as Netflix are available. Furthermore, streaming from your smartphone is possible and both USB and HDMI connections are provided. Prices and availability dates are not yet known, the new LG will have its premiere at the upcoming CES which starts on January 4.

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