LG soundbar with up firing center speaker


LG presents the world’s first soundbar containing (among other things) upwards firing center speakers, which should lead to an even more immersive sound.

The LG S95QR is a soundbar, or rather: a surround system built around a soundbar. In the package you will find not only a soundbar, but also two wireless rear speakers and an equally wireless sub. The result is a 9.1.5-channel surround system with a total power output of up to 810 watts. Naturally, Dolby Atmos (remember those upward-firing drivers in the soundbar itself?) is supported, as well as DTS:X and IMAX.

Also for gamers

For gamers, it’s good to know that the LG S95QR supports things like VRR (variable refresh rate) and auto low-latency mode (ALLM). On the downside, the system can’t handle 4K 120Hz HDR pass-through. Price and release date are not yet known, since the will have its premiere at the upcoming CES (which starts on January 4).

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