Loewe We.Hear portable speakers


German company Loewe has released the We.Hear portable speakers, available in two sizes and in various colors.

We.By Loewe is a sub-brand of Loewe, primary aimed at young people and represented by its own website. You know the drill: hip, modern and stylish. For sure, the new We.Hear portable speakers can be summarized perfectly well with those three words. The We.Hear 1 is a 22 cm high cylindrical speaker, and the We.Hear 2 has a height of 29 cm. Practical is the IPX6 rating which indicates that they are both splash resistant. And that in turn makes them ideally suited for outdoor use. Although you can of course wonder if everyone is interested in the latest Perry Como beats, instead of enjoying the cheerful chirping of birds in lushful forest and puffy cornfields.

Small and big(ger)

The smaller Loewe We.Hear 1 offers a playing time of 12 to 14 hours on a full charge, according to the manufacturer and costs €99. Its bigger sibling We.Hear 2 has a price tag of €169 and plays for 15-17 hours on a fully charged battery. Available in the colors coral red, tropical aqua blue, muted storm grey and cool gray. Both speakers come with a handy lanyard, so you can take your portable sound with you wherever you go.

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