Magico presents MXO Active Analogue filter


The new Magico MXO Active Analogue crossover filter is designed for the M9 speaker system combined with a sub.

Magico’s MXO Active Analogue crossover is designed for use with the M9 speaker system and a subwoofer. You can choose from a version with fixed crossover frequency of 120 Hz or one with 55Hz crossover frequency. Internally, a Linkwitz-Riley filter is used in active form with a slope of 24 dB/octave. You can choose from 0 or 180 degrees phase, while a max gain of 12 dB per channel is available. The device is designed completely analog and built with discrete components, using – of course – precision resistors and capacitors.

Software controlled gain control

A stepper control (0.5 dB per step) attenuator allows you to control the desired gain, with a maximum of the mentioned 12 dB. By the way, the controller is managed by a piece of software, which eventually switches relays to control the attenuation circuit. A nice detail is that it’s all modular setup, so you could add additional filters or complete upgrades in the future. Finally, Magico has opted for a ‘dual chassis’ design, where the power supply is placed in a separate cabinet. The price you’ll have to pay for it: €48,000.

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