Magnat MR 750 hybrid receiver


Magnat has released a new receiver. What makes it special is its a hybrid setup, using a mix of tubes and transistors.

The new Magnat MR 750 can be used in a wide range of applications, including a (stereo) home theater. For the latter application, an HDMI input is provided. Bluetooth is available, with support for the aptX codec. Because the MR 750 is called a receiver, a tuner is obviously not missing either. In fact, there is more than one tuner available, since both a DAB+ and FM tuner are present. The power amplifier, built with transistors, delivers a maximum of 70 watts per channel; peak 250 watts. The promised tubes can be found in the preamp stage, where Magnat has chosen to use the well-known ECC81, a double triode. It’s the preamplifier that thus provides the unique tube sound so appreciated by fans of it. And of course, the beloved tube is also visible in a window on the front of the MR 750.

Phono input

In terms of connections, there is enough to chose from. It’s good to know that vinyl lovers are being served well with the Magnat MR 750 too, thanks to an MM-phono input. The aforementioned tuners can each store 40 presets, which seems more than enough to us. Available immediately, at a price of €999.

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