Next year’s big chance for Apple iPhone SE


Chances are pretty good that a new Apple iPhone SE will hit shelves next year, probably as early as spring.

The iPhone SE is the cheaper brother of the “big” iPhones that Apple announces with much fanfare each fall. The manufacturer seems to have opted for a release cadence of every two years. Which means that a new SE is indeed possibly in the pipeline for next spring. The rumor mill already starting to get going, see for example this article from 9to5mac. There, even four new SE models are predicted. Whether this will be the case we dare to doubt though. The SE is intended for people who are looking for a relatively affordable, good quality phone. The concessions that Apple has made to the “budget model” turn out to be surprisingly few, by the way. The SoC – or the beating heart of a smartphone containing CPUs and GPUs – is usually the same most recent model that is also used in the high-end models.

Just as fast

The Apple iPhone SE is not really inferior to the more expensive models in terms of performance. But you can save a lot of money by choosing the entry-level model. The lower price is mainly achieved by using a metal housing, no OLED display and fewer cameras. But not everyone needs a battery of cameras on his or her smartphone. If you make sure to have a solid case around the phone and it’s is just as sturdy as its more expensive equivalents. In short: the SE is a device to keep an eye on. And a fine workhorse for daily use, where the extensive arsenal of iOS and the corresponding stability of Apple’s mobile OS are a nice bonus. Including many years of support regarding OS and security updates.

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