Polk Audio Signa S4 Dolby Atmos soundbar system


Polk Audio has released its first Dolby Atmos soundbar system: the Signa S4. Equipped with seven drivers, including two facing upwards that provide powerful 3D surround sound.

The new Signa S4 from Polk Audio features seven drivers, including two facing upwards. The combionation should provide powerful 3D surround sound. Combined with the included wireless subwoofer, it provides a complete soundbar system with powerful, crystal clear, cinema-like sound at a great price. “The Polk Signa S4 soundbar delivers stunning Dolby Atmos surround sound and makes everything look even better, such as special effects in movies and background music in games.” tells Frank Sterns, president of Polk Audio. “If you are planning to purchase your first soundbar or want to upgrade to Dolby Atmos, the Signa S4 is exactly what you are looking for. With its exceptional sound quality and great value for money, Polk completely delivers on its promise,” adds Polk Audio’s Sterns.

More realistic surround sound

The Signa S4 uses two upward-facing drivers for Dolby Atmos heighth channels to create what the manufacturer calls “lifelike sound from above. It’s ideal for the latest cinematic films and immersive Dolby Atmos music or games. The Signa S4 can also generate sound without Dolby Atmos and create a virtual Dolby Atmos experience using height, surround and center channels. The Signa S4 features seven advanced drivers, including a separate center channel, optimized left and right tweeters and subwoofers for a huge sound field. The separate center channel features Polk’s patented VoiceAdjust technology for better intelligibility of dialogues. Moreover, listeners no longer miss a word during blood-curdling action scenes, sporting events and when the volume is turned down, such as at night’.

Effortless bass

The Signa S4 features a powerful wireless subwoofer for “the deep, effortless bass sound Polk is known for. The subwoofer connects wirelessly to the soundbar during startup and can be placed almost anywhere in the room (within a range of 10 meters). In addition, the low frequency output on both the soundbar and subwoofer is managed by the Bass Adjust feature. According to the manufacturer, this ensures optimal sound and maximum impact at any level.

Customizable sound

Polk Audio continues: ‘In addition to the sound adjustments that can be made using Polk VoiceAdjust and Bass Adjust, listeners also benefit from pre-programmed buttons with the best sound for movies and music. Also, the Signa S4 offers a night mode that automatically mutes bass and makes dialogues more intelligible, so listeners won’t disturb their sleeping neighbors or family members while binge-watching late into the night.’

Easy operation and music listening

‘The Signa S4 is incredibly easy to set up and very user-friendly. All you need is the included HDMI or optical cable (or aux-in for older TVs) to begin the ultimate listening experience instantly, even with the latest 8K Ultra-HD TVs. The built-in HDMI eARC can handle original Dolby Atmos streams with the very best sound quality. For added convenience, the Signa S4 is pre-programmed for use with most TV remotes and can be effortlessly paired via Bluetooth with mobile devices for convenient streaming. The unobtrusive design of the Signa S4 blends into any interior and can be wall-mounted for a sleek look,’ Polk Audio says.

Price Range and Availability

The Signa S4 Dolby Atmos soundbar system from Polk Audio comes with HDMI and optical cables for effortless connectivity and is available immediately from PolkAudio.com or through authorized Polk dealers in Europe for a retail price of €349.

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