Pure Evoke in 2021-version


Portable “radios” continue to be nice devices, although in case of the new Pure Evoke, the word radio doesn’t give full credits to the device’s functionality.

The 2021 version of the Pure Evoke Home is basically a micro all-in-one. Even a built-in CD player is present. And indeed, you will actually find a DAB+ radio in it, as well as a versatile Internet radio tuner. This gives access to radio stations from all over the world, which is sometimes a bit more fun than local listening. Also prefect in case you take the Pure Evoke to the campsite (or glamping): you can still listen to your familiar hometown hits and the like abroad.

Choose a fitting one

Would you like a slightly more compact device, then check out the also new Pure Evoke Spot, quite similar to the Home but without CD player. However, you can listen to radio via DAB+, or use Spotify Connect. Bluetooth is not missing either. The smallest newcomer in the 2021 lineup of Pure Evoke’s is the Play (pictured above). In addition to DAB+ tuner, it also offers internet radio. Plus the possibility of incorporating an optional battery pack for mobile use. The built-in power amplifier puts a total of up to 40 watts of power on the clocks. The Pure Evoke Home will cost you €449.99; the Play €279.99 and the Spot €199.99.

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