Revox presents Android remote control


The Revox Studiocontrol C200 is an Android-based remote control that can be used to operate both brand equipment and that of others.

Naturally, the new Revox Studiocontrol C200 is primarily intended for remote control of Revox equipment. But this ‘smart remote’ – because that’s the proper name for it – runs on the mobile operating system Android. Which means you can also remotely control a range of equipment from other brands. The only requirement is that a manufacturer has an Android app for remote control available in the app store. If so, it’s just a matter of installing it and off you go.


What’s special – compared to smartphones – is that you don’t have to enter any access codes or anything like that for use. So you pick up the Revox C200 and use it immediately. A long running time on a full battery charge also comes in handy. The remote control, which is equipped with a sturdy aluminum casing, isn’t exactly cheap, it’ll cost you €950. Available from per direct, so just in time for Christmas. At the time of writing the remote control is not yet available on the manufacturer’s site, but we saw it at the Swiss audio store Visuell-Akustik. That is also where the screenshot at the top of this article comes from.

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