Sonos Sub Mini on the way?


A new Sonos Sub Mini has popped up in the Sonos app, indicating that a smaller version of the Sub may be on the way.

The What Hifi site always hurts your eyes a bit around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Nothing but deals and discounts are shown, and the real news is completely snowed under. Yet among all the screaming headlines we noticed something interesting. Namely, this post that pays attention to a Redditor who suddenly saw a totally new device pop up in his or her Sonos app. The newcomer is even mentioned in it by name as being called Sonos Sub Mini. Chances are – according to What Hifi – very high that this device will arrive soon. And also according to them it won’t be long before you can buy one. So if you’re in need of a compact sub and Sonos is ‘your’ brand: keep a close eye on the Sonos website. By the way: the screenshot above is linked in the mentioned post on Reddit and was taken by the user (u/S114HED) who discovered the newbee.

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