Teufel presents new versions of its popular over-ear headphones REAL BLUE and REAL BLUE NC

Germany’s Teufel is enthusiastic about the new REAL BLUE and REAL BLUE NC: ‘They combine top-quality sound with optimum wearing comfort and intuitive handling. Except for the highly efficient noise cancellation of the REAL BLUE NC, these headphones are identical in construction and functionality. Both headphones are available in Pearl white, Night black and Steel blue’.

Over-ear headphones bathing you in sound

Large drivers and an illuminated back room ensure accurate, powerful and level-constant sound with the REAL BLUE and REAL BLUE NC, the manufacturer says: ‘You can adjust the audio playback to your personal preferences via the Teufel Headphones app for Android and iOS. The REAL BLUE and REAL BLUE NC were developed with long days with lots of music, videos, podcasts and phone calls in mind. In addition to the sound, they put wearing comfort and a long stamina first’.


The especially soft ear cups offer optimum wearing comfort despite the strong contact pressure, even for while wearing glasses. Teufel: ‘This ensures that they fit securely and comfortably on your ears under all conditions. This makes the headphones ideal for shutting out the outside world for a while and letting yourself be completely carried away by a world of sounds. Smartphone users always fear an abrupt end to their listening pleasure due to a battery that runs out quickly. But not so with the REAL BLUE NC, which has a long battery life of more than 40 hours on a full charge, when using the active noise cancelling (ANC) function’.

Silencing the outside world

Although we do not consciously perceive it, continuous noise, such as that from the engines on buses, trains and planes, is a stress factor. It is therefore logical that active noise cancelling originated in aviation. This technology was developed to allow better communication in noisy helicopters. ‘The REAL BLUE NC uses hybrid noise cancellation. This uses microphones inside and outside the ear cups to compensate for ambient noise in a particularly efficient way. This creates a heavenly peaceful environment in which music and other audio content come into their own despite a noisy environment. Of course, the ANC function also works without music, so you can catch your breath after a long day of noise. But if you still want to hear something of your surroundings, you can switch to transparency mode at the touch of a button so that you can hear all the ambient sounds, just as if you weren’t wearing headphones,” says Teufel.

Intuitive operation

By placing your right hand on the earcup, your thumb naturally lands on a convenient joystick-style control element. This allows you to control all settings for the sound output. By keeping the joystick pressed down a little longer you can call up the voice assistant. In the same way, calls can be accepted, refused or terminated. And while on the phone, the Teufel REAL BLUE and REAL BLUE NC use Qualcomm cVc technology to ensure optimally intelligible conversations.

Easy to store and connect

Both headphones come with a stable carrying case, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable and a mini-jack cable. The latter allows the headphones to be connected to music players and audio systems without bluetooth, for example on an airplane.

Price and availability

Both the REAL BLUE and the REAL BLUE NC are available from www.teufelaudio.nl in the colors Pearl white, Night black and Steel blue. The REAL BLUE NC costs €229.99. Those who don’t need active noice cancellation can save $60 by purchasing the otherwise identical REAL BLUE at a price of $169.99.

Facts at a glance

  • top-of-the-range, closed-back HD Bluetooth headphones with active noise reduction (REAL BLUE NC) or without (REAL BLUE)
  • REAL BLUE NC: Switchable digital hybrid active noise cancelation (ANC) for highly effective noise reduction: ideal on the train, in an airplane or in the office
  • REAL BLUE NC: Transparency mode for improved perception of ambient noise
  • large and light HD linear drivers with vented rear chamber for high volume, precise sound reproduction and extremely deep bass
  • suitable for high resolution audio
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with apt-X and AAC for streaming music in CD quality via Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube and Apple Music, among others
  • lip-synchronous transfer of video dialogs
  • hands-free function with Qualcomm cVc technology for wireless calling, skyping and facetime; voice control via Google or Siri with optimal sound quality
  • additional configuration options via the Teufel Headphones app
  • 41 hours battery life with ANC and 55 hours without ANC
  • buttons on the ear-cups for secure control; the headphones are foldable
  • transport box and inline remote control
  • a light and stable design with large, soft and replaceable ventilated ear pads with low pressure, suitable for long listening sessions and spectacle wearers

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