The Bristol Hi-Fi Show cancelled

The Bristol Hi-Fi Show

For a while, the coming year looked well for to fairs and shows, but then Omnicron appeared. The first casualty is The Bristol Hi-Fi Show: cancelled.

The Bristol Hi-Fi Show was scheduled for February 25-27 next year. It seemed like it could be done, the number of Covid infections was declining and vaccination rates were finally going up in many countries. However, hospitals became overcrowded again during the past weeks. And so unfortunately it’s not responsible anymore to allow events where many people gather. To the regret of the organization, their show in Bristol has been cancelled for the second consecutive time. Probably more shows and exhibitions will be cancelled, especially those scheduled early in the coming year. If you are planning a trip and visit to a show in the coming months, please check the website of the organization behind it on a regular basis. This will not only avoid disappointment but also unnecessary travel at a time when that may not be wise.

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