Ultra Feet Level 6 isolatievoeten

Italian company Bassocontinuo has released isolation feet intended for column speakers: the Ultra Feet Level 6.

The new Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet Level 6 – like their peers in the Ultra Feet series – are designed to prevent annoying vibration effects. They feature energy-absorbing materials that convert vibrations into heat. Not glowing heat, of course, because then they would become dangerous artefacts. The Ultra Feet Level 6 are specifically designed for column speakers and feature M6, M8 and M10 threads. That is, you can swap out the tread to something fitting to your speaker, choosing from the sizes mentioned. The listed three are the most common standard sizes and will therefore fit most speakers. The feet are height adjustable and are sold in sets of four. Each foot can carry a weight between 5 and 25 kilos, so a total of up to 100 kilos divided over four feet.

This month

The Bassocontinuo speaker feet will be available this month, the price is not yet known. The Level 6 is also not yet mentioned in the range of feet on the website of the manufacturer, but that will undoubtedly change soon. We did, however, already come across the newcomers on Bassocontinuo’s Facebook page; see the screenshot of it at the top of this post.

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