Velodyne MicroVee X subwoofer


The Velodyne subwoofer features – in addition to an active one – two passive drivers and a built-in amplifier.

If you are looking for a little more punchy bass in your installation, the good old subwoofer can offer a helping hand. The new Velodyne MicroVee X is an active model. Built in a sturdy metal cabinet and equipped with a class A / B amplifier of audiophile quality, according to the manufacturer. Velodyne chose an interesting setup consisting of an active driver, assisted by two passive drivers of the same diameter. The active driver has been redesigned from scratch and is based on a carbon fiber membrane suspended in a ring of nitrile rubber. This combination is driven by a four-way coil.


The built-in Class A/B amplifier delivers an RMS power of 300 watts (peak 800 watts). The output stage uses four powerful MOSFETs, together able to deliver 34A of current. Finally, Velodyne has deployed a DSP in the MicroVee X. This should not only provide optimal acoustic performance, but also offer an easy adjustment to the listening environment. A nice extra is the included ‘Remote Eye’, an IR receiver at the end of a three meter long cable. Handy, because it allows you to place the box invisibly, while remote control is still possible. The Velodyne MicroVee X sub is available per direct, for a price of €1290.

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