Victrola Premiere V1 all-in-one turntable


In the past century, they were immensely popular: record players with built-in speakers, ready to run. Victrola brings this concept back.

Not everyone is interested in ultra high-end playback of vinyl. But some might be interested in playing that old record collection from grandpa again. For such a purpose, the affordable Victrola Premiere V1 comes in handy. It’s basically a record player with built-in speakers. But then built with modern technology, stereo speakers and with a separate subwoofer for solid bass. In short: tun on, put a record on and listen to it.

Streaming to Bluetooth

Of course we now live in the twenty-first century and it’s pretty wireless one so far. To nicely fit in, the Victrola Premiere V1 has another sleek feature on board. You can stream the records played wirelessly via Bluetooth to, for example, Bluetooth headphones or ditto speakers. Also a hifi, amplifier, or streamer that can serve as a Bluetooth receiver can be paired. Furthermore, you can use the turntable as a TV speaker, for example, thanks to an optical digital input. The player features a silicone mat on the turntable, metal tone arm with adjustable balance weight and anti-skate. The price for all this is $499.99, a nice price for a ready-made set!

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