Wattson Audio Emerson, handy micro-streaming device


Sometimes while surfing one encounters an inetresting device, like these Wattson Audio Emerson streamers.

Swiss company Wattson Audio has two very nice streamers in its range. The very compact devices with the name Emerson are available with an analog output or as a digital-only version. In the latter case you have to provide your own DAC. Both devices are Roon compatible so you can go either way with choosing. Furthermore, all known streaming services of name and fame such as Tidal and Qobuz are supported, while – of course – streaming via dlna is possible too.


According to Wattson Audio both devices are set up in such a way that a bit perfect reproduction is realized. Both ultra-compact devices have a 100 Mbit Ethernet connection, which means that integration into a (home) network will in most cases be a matter of plugging into a free port on your router or switch. Both the analog and digital Emerson each cost €1250.

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